ESG Against Us

Financial institutions are canceling small businesses and everyday Americans who don’t agree with their beliefs.

ESG is a way for PROGRESSIVES AND RADICAL LEFTISTS to force people like you and me to conform to their ideologies.

Here’s how they do it.

Using words like “environmentalism and social governance” (ESG) they create policies that are used to coerce Americans to conform to their beliefs.

Those who don’t “behave” are being canceled, loans denied, bank accounts frozen and even closed.

This agenda is not a matter of prompting people to be good stewards of our God-given resources. This is a radical agenda to create a way to exert extreme control over human behavior.

Institutions like banks, insurance companies and other large corporations are adopting this moral imperative to promote Marxist ideologies and they’re using ESG as the means to force those ideologies on everyday Americans like us. These ESG policies aren’t for us. They’re against us.

The stories on this page are about real Americans who have already been targets of this ESG movement.

Banks, on the corners of our communities and cities, are canceling business owners, pastors, and everyday Americans who express beliefs or behaviors that are in conflict with their progressive agenda.

Tell Us Your Story.
It Needs to be Heard.

If you have been denied a loan, had your bank accounts frozen, or been forced to move your money out of a financial institution because of your beliefs, we want to hear your story.

We need your story to help stop this before it affects others. State lawmakers across the country are working swiftly to enact legislation to protect everyday Americans, but they need your help in this fight against this political agenda.

If this is you, please fill out the form so that we can add your story to others being collected from across the country.

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ESG Against Us